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Certified Experiential Learning Trainer
Learning Experience Designer
International Facilitator

“Learning is experience.
Everything else is just information.”
- Albert Einstein

What I do

I work with clients to transform information and content into the most impactful learning experiences in the following ways:

  • Custom design experiential online, in-person, and hybrid events on your chosen topic of expertise
  • Redesign your session plan, training, or event schedule to maximize engagement, connection, and long-term learning
  • Experiential learning and psychological safety consulting for better outcomes and results.

Why Experiential Learning?

Much more than a buzzword or learning by doing, Experiential Learning is learning from experience and then reflecting, thinking and acting upon that experience.

No matter what field you work in, if you want your participants/ attendees to learn (and ensure it sticks) you will want to incorporate all 4 modes of the Experiential Learning Cycle:

▹ Experiencing
▹ Reflecting
▹ Thinking
▹ Acting

For years I was determined this could not be done virtually in an effective and engaging way, however I am thrilled to have discovered otherwise in the past year!

No matter what topic I am training on, there is at least one thing I am certain that all of my workshops will have in common: they all are based on Experiential Learning Theory.

Kurt Lewis stated, "There is nothing so practical as a good theory."
David Hunt claimed, "There is nothing so theoretical as a good practice."

I see Experiential Learning as the essential intersection of theory and practice in transformational learning.

Whether I am training on emotional intelligence, connection, or delivering Training of Trainers programs, I know that intentionally designing workshops around this theory ensures that holistic application, long term memory retention, impact, and transformation can occur.

Who I work with

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